Help entrepreneurs grow their businesses into tomorrow’s market-leaders.
Help entrepreneurs grow their businesses into tomorrow’s market-leaders.
Help entrepreneurs grow their businesses into tomorrow’s market-leaders.




Global Mergers is one of the leading providers of financial and advisory solutions to the industry. We advise clients in all aspects of finance and our expertise lies in the areas of debt, equity and merger & acquisition transaction advisory. The firm rests on its strong and professional leadership that has an in-depth understanding of key business drivers.

Our dedicated approach towards our work has not only helped us build our goodwill, but also helped us to grow exponentially within a short span of time. Our repeat customers and referrals are testament to our contentious growth.


Ravi Gowda

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Founder & C.E.O.
Ravi Gowda
Mr. Gowda is has over twenty five years of management and entrepreneurial experience in USA and India. He oversees all business activities, firm’s growth, developing new vertical markets and expanding our service offerings. He masterminds all phases of deal making, capital market, M&A, structuring transactions and shepherding deals to successful closings. He enjoys close relationships with several leading equity funding companies and their management.

Mr. Gowda started his carrier in 1987 with AT&T Bell Labs in USA; managed software and quality initiative projects for about ten years. Then he started his own company Global Associates, Inc. in USA, offered IT services to fortune 500 companies. After successfully running the company for about 10 years, he sold his company to a Florida based company. Since then he has added few more companies to his portfolio, and been an advisor to some.

Mr. Gowda has MS in CSC from Jackson Mississippi. He is also regular speaker on M&A to business management schools and professional organizations.

Sriram Pappu

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Prashant Patel
Sriram Pappu is a partner and is well known in the startup investment world. He used to handle due diligence and deal execution related work for Lead Angels.  His biggest deal was Madrat Games Inc, alongside marquee investors such as The Tatas and Bhansals. Further, he has also been doing due diligence and publishing work for a funding platform that encourages women entrepreneurs and investors, Portfolia Inc, which is based in Palo Alto, California. Trish Costello, CEO Emeritus Kauffman Fellow, is the founder of Portfolia, and he used to report to her. Prior to this, Sriram worked for a The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) incubator in India and played a pivotal role in the growth of a media based startup, Premiere Digital Services, which is based in Los Angels and now sold to a Private Equity firm. He often writes and publishes articles related to early stage startups on multiple platforms.
Finally, he has a Masters in Computer Science from California State University. During his masters, he was honored with a gold medal from Phi Beta Delta Honor Society,  and Honors Coop Engineering Intern at Harman Kardon Inc. He will be enrolling this year in an executive Masters in Public Policy program at Indian School of Business


We provide customized solutions to our clients. Our areas of focus are infrastructure, manufacturing, healthcare, technology, power & energy, hospitality, professionals and individuals. Our rich experience in capital markets and strong institutional investor relationships help our clients to meet their financial objectives.

We raise funds when others are not able to because of our proximity to lenders, experience in raising debt funds, personal attention and guidance to each & every client. We understand the process of raising funds through various sources. We have strong relationship and close association with Banks, NBFCs, Financial institutions and Private lenders; hence we are able to get loans to our clients at the best rate of interest within the time frame in the industry. We can get loans to our clients having issues with CIBIL, income proofs etc.

A. Secured Loans:
1. Loan against property.
2. Project loan.
3. Corporate /Commercial loan.
4. Home loan.
5. Bridge loan.
6. Loan against rental receivables.
7. Term loan.
8. Machinery loan.

B. Unsecured Loans:

1. Business loan.
2. Loans for professionals.

C. Invoice Lending

Now, the days of running behind the vendors for your money is over. Just send us your Product Invoice, VAT Returns and your Bank Statement. We will process the application within 72 hrs and ensure you get the money in your account.
We understand our clients’ immediate need for funds, our vast experience in the private equity industry will help our clients to get required amount of funds within the time frame. With our deep understanding of business models across industries and wide network of relationships with India focused equity funds, we look to assist our clients in evaluating and finding the right partners who not only bring in the growth capital but also provide significant value in scaling up of business. We work with our clients at the outset to understand their capital requirements, guide through the process, devise a comprehensive financing strategy and assist them through execution of a transaction.

The services offered by us are:

1. Private equity
2. Venture capital
3. Angel investment
4. HNI investment
5. Structured finance through Debt to Equity
We use our global partnership network to identify the most suited strategic buyers who have financial resources, and personnel to complete a transaction successfully. As part of this process, we assist in scoping the target market, identifying companies with complementary strengths and completing an acquisition of one or more of the targets on optimal terms.

Our team is different because we listen, and then think creatively to develop solutions that meet the unique problems a company may face. We provide senior-level service and attention on all transactions, large and small. We bring our expertise to all elements of the deal value chain, M&A end-to-end support and give at most importance to the clients’ confidentiality. Our objective is to structure the best deal, suited to a particular situation with established timeframes.On a buy side, we help our clients reach their strategic goals by identifying and then implementing opportunities to merge with or acquire other businesses. We assist corporate in their inorganic growth strategy, including advisory on acquiring companies.


Mr. Irrappa

Om tech

“We have been associated with Global mergers for around a year now and it has been a great experience altogether. Global Mergers has assisted us on the Funds requirement for various projects. The strong grasp on financial concepts and the regulations makes the Global Mergers team stand among the leading firms in the industry”.

Mr. Raghvendra

Branks India

“Global Mergers has a unique blend of absolute professionalism & warm touch. They have the capability to hand hold clients along the turbulent sea of financial dealings to safe harbors. We appreciate their professionalism &applaud their sincerity.”

Mr. Chintan

RL Computers

“Relationship with Global mergers is goes on. It’s not a transaction advisory firm. Global mergers team is always available with us in any issues happen in transaction. We can place complete trust & confidence in their ability on arranging loans.”



The culture at Global mergers is aimed at bringing the best out of the employees, keeping the work full of excitement. Our people come with diverse experience, background, culture, ethnicity which makes working here even more interesting and knowledgeable. We foster creativity, innovation, excellence, leadership and passion to achieve more while working.

At Global mergers, training and mentoring programs are an integral part for shaping an individual’s career, with ample opportunities to learn and grow.

Relationship Managers:
We have openings for relationship managers year round, the role of a RM is to identify business opportunities, maintain relationship, serve client needs and close the deals.

We offer year round internship opportunities for candidates for MBA Finance and marketing candidates. We look for students who have excellent communications and can interact with clients.

– By Supriya
The Oxford College Of Engineering, bangalore.
I had great pleasure in working with you at Global Mergers. My objective was to facilitate the process of equity and debt funding in the company. Not only was I able to apply my knowledge in practicality but also learnt more about analyzing final accounts. I could improve on my communication skills and it also helped in pursuing my MBA. The faculty members were very experienced and approachable. They really helped me in clarifying all my queries and help me in my project.My time at Global Mergers was a memorable experience and will help me in the years to come
-By Bhupender Singh.
The Oxford College Of Engineering, bangalore.
I would like to begin by stating what a pleasure it was working with You, in this prestigious organization. Being a part of it was a memorable experience and one that I have learned from as well.

The 10 weeks of internship period I served here was the best work experience I have. At the organisation was really helpful and in particular my superiors Mr. Prashant and Mr. Jayesh were both always there to provide any sort of support needed. The internship program is great and it provides ample opportunity for every intern to display their talents and hone their skills. It is a perfect mix of passive learning (when needed) and practical in- field experience. The whole office environment was very welcoming, positive and encouraging. The objectives set for me were realistic and yet tough enough to stimulate me intellectually.

I am extremely grateful to you for providing me with this opportunity which will be useful for my future prospects.

-By Nishitha.K
IBS Bangalore
I was very excited when I got selected for Global Mergers. My first step towards corporate world was amazing. At the beginning I was working in Debt funding then I was shifted to M&A. It was really a new experience for me where I had to visit the client companies and talk to the CEO’S and MD’s and stay connected to them until the deal gets over. Here in Global Mergers I have got to learn how to communicate to the clients and the entire procedure of M&A. Ravi sir is a very supportive person and also Prashant and Jayesh are very friendly with us who can help anyone when there is a requirement. This is the place where there is a lot of learning and also a lot of fun.


Tinku Kour
IBS Bangalore
It was a great experience working with global mergers. I have learned lots of practical things regarding fund raising and m&a activity. This is the first time I am working for a company. I am taking back rich experience in fundamental of raising capital, equity funding, debt funding and merger and acquisition. It also improve my skills, knowledge, and leadership quality & get an overview picture of investment banking. Your guidance have help me a lot in my summer internship program. I will definitely utilize this experience in future. Thanking you,

Thanks & Regards

Neeraj Gautam
IBS Bangalore
It’s been a good experience here at Global mergers,

I heartily thankful to you for all the guidance and motivation thoughts you have given to us to being a good employee in organization as well as a good person in our personal life. You have showed us a way to achieve our goals in simply you taught us how to live a life of joy either at corporate or with family and friends . as you told us that you tried for us to become a good leader , I don’t know I how many features of leadership I got learnt but one important point of risk taking I have learnt very well .this feature will be with me life time.

I was not much this open with other people or strangers before I came to here. Beside the technical and managerial things I have learnt skill to be happy in life .you started motivating us at the day you came in our college for interview to select we three. And then during this training of 12 weeks you emphasize on company process as well as leadership qualities. We had 4-5 walk with you at park where you always talked about our quality to motivate us and some also given us right direction if we were lacking in some points.

Overall it was a nice experience and I will remember you and global mergers life times. One thing “I want to share that do with heart do for heart life will be happy “these was my final words.

Thanks & Regards

IBS Bangalore
It was my pleasure to being here and I learn lot about mergers & acquisition, Financing and how to speak with people like CEO and MD.

It is the first experience for me in corporate world as it is very good experience as intern here and leading the team.Here we learnt most of the things while you shared your experience.

You are the first person that motivated me more and sure I’ll become a great leader.

Thanks & Regards


Sanjeet Singh Thakur
IBS Bangalore
At the time when people don’t give much importance to interns, at global mergers we were assigned to some live projects with full responsibility and freedom to work. We got the chance to improve our skills and understand the domain of investment banking while working with clients. In a nutshell I can summaries the internship as a life changing experience which will certainly help me in my future endeavours.

Thanks & Regards

Amo Padi
Amity University
I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience the different aspects of Global Mergers. Interning here has given a huge boost to my self-confidence. I never thought I was capable enough to make it in corporate world but sir, under your guidance along with Sindhu’s help, I feel I have it in me to tackle future challenges. Things I learned here.How to communicate efficiently, Leadership skills, Step by step process of M&A, How to approach company CEOs (and not be nervous), Different types of emails in different situations, Not to be shy when asking for help, How to work as a team, Being responsible for your own work.

Best Regards

Indus Business Academy, Bangalore
I take this opportunity to thank you for giving me a chance to do an internship in your organization. It was a great learning experience for my professional as well as personal career. You taught us many things like leadership qualities, different types of marketing, importance of time, connecting with top level management. You helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses. I learned different facets of investment banking, importance of relationship building. It helped me to understand the nature of different businesses and different people. I got a chance to learn new databases like Access, Zoho CRM. Overall, I am very happy working here sir.

Best Regards


CMS Business School, Jain University, Bangalore
It has been a pleasure to be part of this organization as an intern and I’ve learned a lot during my time here, I got to know more about merger & acquisition. It has been a good experience working here as an intern as I was given a task to do a research on private equity. The exposure to corporate world is scary but it was made easy for me as I have the best supporting mentor. They are very supporting, encouraging and friendly. They are a role model for sincerity and hard work. I got to learn massive knowledge about the corporate world. My gratitude to Global Mergers.
CMS Business School, Jain University, Bangalore
My experience at Global Mergers has been fabulous. I got firsthand experience when it comes to Debt and Equity Funding. The process of training an intern here is vivacious as he is exposed to all sorts of areas when it comes to Finance and Marketing. The work environment here is relaxed with magnanimous opportunities to grow. As the company deals with Small and Medium enterprises, an intern gets an insight of what might be the next big thing in the market. By working at an organization like GLOBAL MERGERS, an intern or an employee will learn or understand the true meaning of time management and the value of clients.
CMS Business School, Jain University, Bangalore
It is an immense pleasure to work in an organisation like Globalmergers which helps us to grow along with the Company, both Professionally as well as Personally. As an Intern especially as a girl you don’t get lot of opportunities to interact with the clients, but with no gender discrimination Globalmergers gave all of us equal opportunity in their business. I now have a very clear practical understanding of what I learnt in my class about Investment Banking.

Am also glad that I got to work with the people who are really humble though they are the ‘Heads’ of Globalmergers. Last but not the least, we also have someone who keeps us refreshed all the time as we name him as our CCO- Pluto (Chief Cuddling Officer).


CMS Business School, Jain University, Bangalore
Am grateful to get a chance to work with Globalmergers as an Intern. It has helped me to learn ,not just the theory but also the practical aspects of fund raising system and M&A . Apart from learning business administration , it has helped me to become more skilful in different tasks.

Apart from just the business Globalmergers also has a culture where they help us be motivated all the time by accepting our new ideas and watching the work done by other successful leaders.
Thanking You

JyotiNivas College
My internship experience at Global Mergers, I was fortunate enough to learn many things not only in the field of finance but in all the fields. Another valuable lesson I have learned during these 45 days was dealing with different kinds of people, gained courage to speak to different company.

It was a wonderful and an unforgettable moments in GLOBAL MERGERS. I thank Ravi Sir, Jayesh sir and Prashant sir for guiding me in helping me throughout my internship

JyotiNivas College
Global mergers was a good experience we got to learn about different aspects of investment avenues and it also gave us an opportunity to talk to various investors and know about how it all works.

Likewise it can be expected by the interns to have multiple jobs apart from talking to the clients and it would do more needful to have a spread on work that they do.

It was an overall good experience of learning with all I could do.





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